Our company

Our company

Our company has a 33-year family business tradition and a well-established business model.

We striveto ensure that the quality of our services and products is always at thehighest level, and we also ensure that we can deliver quickly and arrangetransport to our customers through our contractual partners. Therefore, weprovide fast, organised, and high-quality business services.


We have a very diversified market, and we classify our products by quality, which is desirable in our industry but not a regular practice. For us, this is a requirement and an added value of our offer.

We offer our customers a complete service in this area: we supply sawn products, dried, and planed.

Today, we have 35 employees and a presence in 33 countries, with a very strong sales orientation. We export to markets in the Middle and Far East, Europe, America, and Africa, mostly without intermediaries. Our sales include structural timber, timber for glued laminated panels, construction, packaging, window, and door lamellas, as well as planed timber.


The company's core business is sawmilling. Coniferous trees (Spruce, Fir, Pine, etc.) are sawn, and the products are boards, beams, panels, mouldings, etc., used mainly in the construction industry, while by-products are cross-cut timber, wood chips, sawdust, bark, and pellets, which are used directly for heating.



the company is registered at Na žago 6, 8351 STRAŽA. The location is in the municipality of Straža in SE Slovenia. The location is strategic, as the area is rich in Spruce and Fir trees, the best of which are in Kočevje Rog, where the trees are tall, thick and vigorous. The company is just 8 km from Kočevje Rog and 9 km from Novo mesto. There is also a railway line nearby (in Straža).


Family company


The company's management team is the ambitious Zoran family, which is eager to succeed in the wood products market together with its employees. We want to raise Slovenian industry above the national average at company level.

The company's management is closely involved in the overall business and is responsible for its successful implementation.



DIRECTOR: Kaja Zoran Ledinek, MSc Holztechnik (Biel)


Our development

The family woodworking company was founded in 1990 by Jože Zoran as Žagarstvo Jože Zoran s. p. As a micro-enterprise, we have been very skilful in navigating on a market that has been far from friendly to small craftspeople in our profession. However, we have managed to make small investments each year and production capacity has also increased constantly.


In 1999, we hired our first worker and built a sawmill, but still a lot of physical work had to be done in this period.

In 2001, we installed our first computer-controlled band saw and hired additional staff, and in 2003 we built a new facility with offices.

In 2007, Jože Zoran and his wife Betka Zoran founded Solis Straža d. o. o.

In 2009, we set up a new production plant and launched a new range of products to the market, and already in 2010 we built a finished products warehouse.

In 2015, we moved production to a new location in the former Novoles.

In 2017 daughter Kaja Zoran joined the company as Sales Manager. The number of employees increased from 7 to 20 in two years, and in 2018 the company invested in digitalisation, new sawmill equipment, a debarking line with Microtec scanner and an owen.

On July 27, 2021 the company changed its name from Solis Straža d. o. o. to Solis Timber d. o. o. , the company's official address changed from Rumanja vas 46 to Na žago 6, and the director Betka Zoran handed over her position to Kaja and Jože Zoran.

In December 2022, the company buys additional land of 3,5 ha in the same industrial zone to increase the facilities and to develop new products.

1.1.2023 Solis employs 35 superb employees who strive for the company’s development. New investments are in the run.