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Kiln dried timber

Kiln dried timber

Kiln-dried timber reflects its stability and strength when the load-bearing feature is particularly exposed. The wood is sorted according to DIN standards. Depending on customer requirements, kiln-dried wood is also used in the construction in the production of quality packaging and with intention to produce the most visually qualified pieces of outdoor and indoor furniture.

Technical drying gives us dimensional stability and design stability.



  • Spruce/Fir/Pine
  • Central board or side board
  • Core free cut possible
  • Individual dimensions possible on request
  • Technical drying in drying chambers KD 8%-20%
  • Length from 4m to 3m


  • BSH glued laminated timber
  • CLT cross-laminated panels
  • KVH structural timber 
  • Construction
  • Packaging
  • Furniture