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Fresh sawn timber

Fresh sawn timber

Fresh sawn wood is the most primary product, yet its production is the most crucial part directed to the final quality. Proper sawing ensures that the wood does not deform and stays in the sawn shape for as long as possible. Depending on the customer's requirements, the wood is also soaked in Antistain liquid to give it visual stability in the environment. The product is most widely used in concrete construction and acts as a supporting element and in the production of wooden packaging. We also provide heat treatment of wood for HT packaging.



  • Spruce/Fir/Pine
  • Central or side board
  • Antistain soaking possible
  • Core free cut possible
  • Individual dimensions possible on request
  • IPPC and CE possible
  • Length from 4m to 3m


  • Wooden packaging
  • Construction
  • Less complex structural objects
  • As a support element
  • For further processing