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Planed timber

Planed timber

Planed timber is the most evenly calibrated element, which is technically dried in drying chambers beforehand, has similar properties to kiln-dry sawn wood, but it is the next stage of processing, and is already suitable for the end customer. The wood is sorted for strength and visual grading to ensure adequate quality for customers. Not only is it planed, but it can also be profiled, making the product even more useful for exterior and interior home construction. Planed wood results in the best visual image of all products.



  • Spruce/Fir
  • Sharp or rounded edges
  • Profiled wood
  • Central or side board
  • Core free cut possible
  • Individual dimensions possible on request
  • Technical drying in drying chambers KD 8%-20%
  • Length from 4m to 3m


  • BSH glued laminated timber
  • CLT cross-laminated panels
  • KVH structural timber
  • DIY Product
  • Garden furniture
  • Floor and wall cladding